Comexim Adore

Firstly, I bid you all a very belated Happy New Year and I hope the first twelfth of 2016 has been kind.DSC_0025

Secondly, I’ll waste no time and start in talking about the Comexim Adore. A post I mentioned almost three months ago! Not too long from that moment the Adore arrived upon my doorstep.

Now now, Adore isn’t the most glamorous bra but what really sold me on it was the tassel attached in the middle. It reminds me of twirling nipple tassels which just look fun. While I’m not inclined to invest in pasties (even with tassels), by Jove I’ll get as close as I can with something functional!

The cup edges and straps features an embellishment that is rather geometric which I love and despite its three-dimensional look its outline has not been very visible under the tops I wear.


Perhaps the plainest part of the Adore is the black meshy body of it. In terms of looks it is better than having plain cups but I would not have known of its meshiness just from looking at the product photo.

from Comexim’s website


Observe its meshiness
Observe its meshiness

I decided to go for the size of 60M, which in index size is 28:13. I maintain that I would still generally go for a size 28H (28:11) when buying a new bra as my reference point. My choice was based on my current fit in my Arabella Pl, pictures, Bratabase comparisons (of general Comexim bras in my size) and some risk-taking. I was most relieved that the ordering process for Comexim had simplified considerably since my first order. No more emailing especially, just a few clicks here and there. I was also very impressed that they added a comment box so you could request any alterations with your order. However, I bought the bra as is so I am unable to inform on the subsequent process involved in having any changes made. Another difference between this and my first order is that I got email notifications on the status of my order. Ah, peace of mind~

All in all, it took about three weeks for the parcel to arrive since I placed my order which is pretty good if you ask me.

When it got here, I was afraid I may have chosen a cup size too big. I posted a fit request on Bratabase since I wasn’t sure if the cup was actually too big and just too tall. The conclusion was that the incompatibility was a shape issue and the cup heights were a contributing factor. I decided to keep the bra since it wasn’t too far off the mark and I had bought the matching briefs to go with it. The briefs I got in a Comexim size M as I wear a UK10 in knickers and UK12 in other bottomswear. They fabric doesn’t feel the smoothest when I run my hands over it but the briefs are super comfy.

And now? Now I’m very glad I got the size I did. These days my breasts seem to be more attuned to my hormone levels throughout my period. Without the Adore in 60M I would practically only have one bra that I wouldn’t be quadding in. On a side note, when my boob-sensitivity increases, the BM Szarotka feels like the biggest blessing I could bestow upon my breasts. Additionally, with the weather so cold and windy it’s always nice to have a padded bra for armour.

One issue I have with this bra is that the band is not the most comfiest. When I put it on it almost feels like there is a separate thin band of elastic rubbing on my flesh. However it is one of those things that you forget about throughout the day until you think about it – not a dealbreaker.

Also three hooks *Choir ahhs*
Also three hook/eyes *choir ahhs*

I could put it on its tightest hooks if I really wanted to but I don’t because I want to prolong the lifespan of the bra (thankfully I go braless at home). For the moment I have resigned myself to wearing new 28-band bras fastened on the column of eyes inbetween the ends. I believe that I have gained weight so I’m afraid that a new 26-band would be uncomfortably tight. So of course I just had to be inbetween. Hence the same old story: the neverending quest for tight 28 back band. The good thing is that I put a lot of research and consideration in every bra acquisition. And if the bra isn’t perfectly perfect? Then I’m fine with that since it’s still perfectly well.

Moving on…

The shape I get from this bra is rather projected but the front is a bit wider than I prefer.

Adore0 Adore1







I recall reading a question on Bratabase while I was lurking asking why some may prefer the projected look but I’ll be damned if I can find it! Nevertheless I’ve been thinking about that question and for me, I think that it’s to do with space. When my boobs are front and centre, my arms feel more free when I cross them. I imagine they may also feel more mobile if I were to swing them like windmills.

Thus, were my thoughts on Comexim’s Adore. It didn’t fully ‘wow’ me but it does its job very well. I’ll certainly buy from Comexim again especially when their prices are comparable to British bras and boyo those cup depths! For the time being I am still unsure as to my personal default size in Comexim but at least 60M works in this case. Exploration into customisations may be needed in the future, and of course emailing Anna for her input would not be excluded.


UPDATE: Since handwashing it once (gently of course), the thread holding the tassel has broken so the tassel is no longer attached. I actually didn’t notice until after I had already once after that (talk about presence of mind!)

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