Comexim Adore

Firstly, I bid you all a very belated Happy New Year and I hope the first twelfth of 2016 has been kind.DSC_0025

Secondly, I’ll waste no time and start in talking about the Comexim Adore. A post I mentioned almost three months ago! Not too long from that moment the Adore arrived upon my doorstep.

Now now, Adore isn’t the most glamorous bra but what really sold me on it was the tassel attached in the middle. It reminds me of twirling nipple tassels which just look fun. While I’m not inclined to invest in pasties (even with tassels), by Jove I’ll get as close as I can with something functional!

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Happy 2nd Blog Birthday!

To think I started this blog two years ago! I almost can’t believe it. I actually thought it’d been three years (my my) but it’s really not been that long at all.

Perhaps it’s fitting that (though unintentional*) the blogaversary lies around Thanksgiving in the USA. So I Thank You Readers for coming here and reading the words I write. I really do hope my reviews are helpful to you in making your own endeavours or at least my words have brought you some speck of amusement.

While I do post much more sporadically than I initially did, I don’t plan to neglect this blog completely! Keep your eyes peeled for a Comexim review – possibly early 2016 but don’t hold your breaths for reviews of the Cleo Hattie bikini and Panache Holly one-piece swimsuit. I got them several months ago and the largest body of water I’ve encountered since then are the puddles formed by the heavy UK rain. You can see the Cleo bikini on my Bratabase account. If you would like any reviews of their fit regardless of any field tests please let me know and I would be happy to comply.

Once again, Thank You for reading this blog of mine. May we have a good year ahead 🙂

*Edited to correct typo. Took me 2 months to notice!

Wrapped up in Norway

It’s been a loooong time since my last post. I am sorry for the silence but there are few things that I could review and there weren’t any profound thoughts I could share. Without further ado I present to you – Norway.

Glamorously shot in an ASDA
Glamorously shot in an ASDA

Unfortunately no, I was not able to enjoy the splendours of Norway but I was finally able to wrap in Norway, DD-Atelier’s wool-blend (80%) coat, as the temperatures in the UK finally dropped below 10°C. For too long it has been hanging behind my door.

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