Happy 2nd Blog Birthday!

To think I started this blog two years ago! I almost can’t believe it. I actually thought it’d been three years (my my) but it’s really not been that long at all.

Perhaps it’s fitting that (though unintentional*) the blogaversary lies around Thanksgiving in the USA. So I Thank You Readers for coming here and reading the words I write. I really do hope my reviews are helpful to you in making your own endeavours or at least my words have brought you some speck of amusement.

While I do post much more sporadically than I initially did, I don’t plan to neglect this blog completely! Keep your eyes peeled for a Comexim review – possibly early 2016 but don’t hold your breaths for reviews of the Cleo Hattie bikini and Panache Holly one-piece swimsuit. I got them several months ago and the largest body of water I’ve encountered since then are the puddles formed by the heavy UK rain. You can see the Cleo bikini on my Bratabase account. If you would like any reviews of their fit regardless of any field tests please let me know and I would be happy to comply.

Once again, Thank You for reading this blog of mine. May we have a good year ahead 🙂

*Edited to correct typo. Took me 2 months to notice!

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