April Showers Bring May Flowers


That is how the saying goes. However this April has been uncharacteristically dry and sunny. The weather in the UK has never been one not to deliver, as rain is in the forecast this week!

Oh no, no! Worry not; I am not making small talk with you. This has been a poor attempt to segue into my review of Ewa Michalak’s BM Szarotka. Its floral pattern isn’t the most contemporary but it’s flowery indeed. I got this late February because I needed a new bra in which I wasn’t quadboobing and it also gave me the opportunity to try out the BM style (Hint: gonna stick to SM styles).

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Who Made Your Pants?


For the period preceding this post I did not have anything to review nor any thoughts so huge I had to share them here. How I wish I could write about the many BiuBiu (and Ewa Michalak) items that I am forever lusting after or the dipping of my toe into Comexim waters! Fear not, however, for I will get my hands on an Antony jacket from BiuBiu as long as it is still available; but that day is not near enough. Can you tell I’m totally enamoured with the Polish busty resources?

Anyway, it was only after the third purchase from Who Made Your Pants (WMYP) did I think, “Hey! might as well write a review on my blog” so here it is. In advance, I apologise to WMYP for being too lazy to write reviews on the site (seriously very sorry about that). Continue reading