Buttons and Snap

I almost can’t believe it. I never envisioned myself liking a button-up shirt this much. What I’m talking about is the Sicilia from DD-Atelier in red and grey.

Sicilia RG1
One of the buttons is a snap-on button. I think DD-Atelier has a love affair with them.

It’s good for smart casual for which I am glad. Of course I would definitely wear this as an everyday thing (outside of the house). But now I have a vital item in my wardrobe to help me forget the days of t-shirts that would get me mistaken as a teenager – perhaps one day I’ll understand my aversion.

Sicilia RG2

The fabric is thin; it is composed of 80% cotton, 16% nylon, and 4% elastane. However it does get warm under there! You know shirts and their buttoned cuffs and all! The sleeves for me were fine but I found the armholes a bit tight. Not enough to cause me real discomfort but that closeness means warmth which means sweat and sweat-laden fabric against skin isn’t the nicest. Especially so if you’re in a small, hot changing room and you put your own top/dress back on which is wet and cold from your back sweat. Okay, so that was an irrelevant experience but I thought I’d throw that in there because talking about sweat conjured up that image. I digress.

I’m very satisfied with the sleeve lengths but they would have been perfect if only just a bit shorter, probably less 1.5 cm. I won’t lie, when I first tried this shirt on I was ecstatic that the sleeves didn’t end where my palms ended. My rudimentary measuring puts the left sleeve length at 61.5 cm from the top of where the shoulder and armhole seam meets to the end of the sleeve. This is for a size 34D. Apologies for my crude description.

The length of the shirt seems just right but I would wear bottoms of the high waisted variety if I wear to tuck it in. Otherwise I would just wear it as it is with lower rise bottoms.

This shirt isn’t completely perfect though! I do have some minor niggles. In the side view you can see that the fabric bunches at the back a bit. This is not an isolated issue as I do get back-fabric in many clothes owing to my small back. It’s not a fault of the shirt and I can certainly live with it but it is something I have to deal with. This ties in with a more general sizing issue I get. As you know, boob-friendly brands takes the chest measurement into much more consideration than your average high street brands does. You would typically get your size for Pepperberry, BiuBiu, or Urkye by taking into account the circumferences of 1.your waist and 2.chest. My having a small back effectively reflects in having a smaller difference between those circumferences. As amazing as boob-friendly clothes are, they don’t exactly take into account the boob:back ratio. Now my waist is also bigger than my band size (ribcage if you may) so this means that if I wanted to sister-size up with this shirt from a 34 to a 36 I wouldn’t be able to because D is lowest on the DD-Atelier sizing boob scale. Because of this I get caught between feeling being too busty for the high street and not busty enough for DD-Atelier. Anyway, I’m not going to be demanding for clothes that take into account the different contours of the body especially from a mass producer! The cut of a top, jacket, dress, etc. definitely goes a long way. That just makes the wonderful task of shopping much more arduous.

Well that turned into a mini rant. I’ll understand if you find my above paragraph to be completely incomprehensible and you want to back away and close the tab but can’t do both simultaneously.

As much as the tops and dress on DD-Atelier lure me like sirens, my bank balance simply cannot take it. You should however expect a review of their wool coat eventually – the weather here isn’t warm enough to warrant a wool coat hurrah! so I haven’t been able to “test it in the field”.


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