Comexim Arabella Pl Biustonosz

Looking back on my posts I realise that it’s been just under 6 months since my last bra-related review (9 excluding sports bras!) So without further ado, I present to you a review of Comexim’s Arabella Pl Biustonosz.


Forever wanting to try a Comexim bra I finally sent an email on the 1st November detailing the bra I wanted, its size and my address.I followed this with a request for a quote. In a most timely manner I received an email the next day with the order cost and instructions on payment (PayPal). I made my payment on the 3rd and there was no further communication. Nothing to indicate my payment had been received and if it had, no email saying my order had been shipped. To me there were two possibilities: I had fudged up when paying or there were no more incoming emails. I soon found out which when on the 22nd I gazed upon the Comexim sticker upon the parcel I picked up at the delivery office. Most certainly I’m not put off by this but being an Amazon-fiend I am not accustomed to it. I do believe there will be future Comexim orders so at least no more surprises next time!

Anyway here is the sequence of events (November):

1st – Email sent

2nd – Quote received

3rd – Paid for order

17th – Bra shipped

21st – Missed delivery

22nd – Bra acquired

Not too shabby if I do say so myself since apparently almost all bras are made to order which could explain why the bra is not dispatched that soon after the payment date.

“Finally! Comexim!” I gleefully smiled to myself as I carefully sliced the packaging tape confining the contents of the parcel. Clutch the pearls! – the right cup had been folded into the left one! DSC00360This left a slight effect on the right cup but since wearing the bra I have not noticed any differences between the two.

Nevertheless Arabella is truly exquisite. With a print I consider baroque it’s a nice change from the florals and the rather plains bras of my collection. The colour is a rich, velvety red with consideration to detailing on the band.

Having way too much fun with the camera

The inside of cups are also red but a much brighter shade.


After a lot of consideration I went for a 60K (approximately a 28H) since as of late I have been experiencing some quadboobing in my Bravissimo Fanciful bra and Ewa Michalak Sm Czarodziejka. Looking at the pictures and reading reviews it seemed that Comexim bras didn’t have as much depth as I would have liked. I looked extensively at the measurements of Comexim bras in my size range (I really did my homework this time!)

I went for the Arabella (plunge style, if you’ll notice) because I figured that you probably didn’t want to read another review on the Ingrid – as lovely as it is.

Carrying on…

I was delighted to find that there were three hooks per column without any need for a special request; I could get used to this  type of norm. I could wear the bra on the innermost hooks but I want it to last so I use the outermost ones. Oh woe! I find the act of unfastening the bra quite fiddly as there does not seem to be a “hold” in which to dig my thumb but I guess it’s just a new skill I need to develop! The cups fit well, so going up one was a good idea.There is the usual slight gaping where the cups meet the straps but it does not pose a problem. The biggest issue that exists with the bra is that the gore does not tack. If I push it to my sternum there is some minute quadboobing in the centre.  I do not believe the gore is too tall as it measures only 0.2cm more than my Sm Czarodziejka. Hence I can only conclude that the non-tacking gore is caused by an incompatibility of bra and breast shapes. However I will and have kept this bra –  it’s certainly not the worst in my drawers.

The shape the Arabella gives me is comparable to my Ewa Michalak Pl Charlie – “elongated” but not as extreme. It lifts my breasts and shows that yes, I do indeed have a waist. I also get a nice cleavage in this bra but it’s less like a plunge-style cleavage and more like boobs-nudged-together-from-the-sides, if you get me.

Next time I would be tempted to order a Comexim bra in a 55L/M however this experience has not been enough to justify a change in size given the cut issue and the potential problems another size might cause. So with that in mind, I will definitely research research research on Bratabase (it’s just so helpful!)

The price was extremely reasonable especially since I was prepared to pay £33 (inc. shipping) for it but in fact it turned out almost £5 cheaper than that overall! How pleased was I?! The quality of the bra is fairly good, not bad but also not outstanding. I guess in a way, it’s like buying the Polish version of a Bravissimo bra.

Would you like pictures of the reviewed items being worn? At first I restricted pictures of me in lingerie to Bratabase but I feel that it would help explain my points better – especially for those without Bratabase accounts. If so, I will try to insert more demonstrative pictures in the future when I also have access to a tripod again.

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