Wrapped up in Norway

It’s been a loooong time since my last post. I am sorry for the silence but there are few things that I could review and there weren’t any profound thoughts I could share. Without further ado I present to you – Norway.

Glamorously shot in an ASDA
Glamorously shot in an ASDA

Unfortunately no, I was not able to enjoy the splendours of Norway but I was finally able to wrap in Norway, DD-Atelier’s wool-blend (80%) coat, as the temperatures in the UK finally dropped below 10°C. For too long it has been hanging behind my door.

First things first, this coat looks pretty darn good. As demonstrated above it can be worn in a fairly casual way and it would also certainly be suitable for more formal wear. The downside is that the coat definitely shouldn’t be worn when it might be roughed up. I found that even when I spent most of the day not wearing it and draping it over my arm it developed bits of fluff.DSC_0644To be fair, I wear a backpack on weekdays so there’s no doubt the friction would have contributed to this.

At the moment I’ve worn about four layers underneath when wearing Norway out. As temperatures haven’t really reached freezing I have been kept sufficiently warm but I do wonder if the coat would be able to withstand colder climates. I can easily button the coat up but with four layers my arm movement is quite restricted. I would highly recommend tying up your shoe laces before doing the coat up! I think this aspect is comparable to another coat I have from the high street. Perhaps one should not expect to be able to do arm windmills in a long coat.

For me, the length of the coat is optimal. I’m around 5’2″-3″ (I’m really not quite sure) but the end of the coat hits me just about the knees. It’s been a good indicator of how Norway protects me from the wind and I can feel the coldness below my knees when it blows and I’m out and about.


Unfortunately for me, this coat was made for a taller woman so the sleeves are a bit too long. Should I want to put my hands in the pockets I have to tuck the ends of the sleeves in also which honestly is preferable to letting the sleeves bunch up and denying my hands the extra layer when pocketed. While the lining is thin, the quality is higher than that of any other coat I’ve had and should be able to bear the weight of a smartphone. Before, I would have had no qualms with placing my phone in my pocket if it were not for a incident where I lost it on public transport. As well as that, there is no way for the pockets to be closed.

One of my favourite things with Norway is the use of snaps instead of buttons. As you can evidently see, the coat can be done up without any closures showing. With the rather “unique” collar however I feel that there is a certain point to where the snaps can be closed so that you can keep the collar open without it looking too awkward.DSC_0646


For this look I keep the top two snaps undone. That is what has worked for me, I daresay it may be different for other individuals. Note: for neck coverage one will have to wear a scarf.

I do feel the coat makes me look a bit bulkier. But what can you expect when you can layer up inside and not have your boobs smushed down uncomfortably? More than anything I feel it has accentuated my hips a bit. It is also around there where the coat feels the snuggest.

With Norway we also revisit the issue of baggy back fabric.


Yeah, it happens here.

Nonetheless I now have an awesome coat that probably won’t pull me through a blizzard but should suffice for the British weather. It’s also functional (the zip on the aforementioned high street has completely broken so I cannot do it up)! As well as that, I’ll be doing my best to treat it with more delicacy or I’ll be routinely snipping the fibres off. So somehow finding the balance between wearing it more and wearing it out as little as possible.
That said, I think I’ll opt for a more flexible option when I need my arms to be footloose and fancy-free.

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