This delightful offering is infused with the brooding, almost dangerous, presence of vanilla.

-Frasier Crane

(Man I love that show).

My name is actually Connie but ‘Plain Jane’ is the typical term. I do regret the bad rep that vanilla gets for being boring – which it isn’t really. I’m sorry to say that any measurements I give aren’t 100% accurate but they’re pretty darn close. This is because by the time I start writing each post, I forget about the figure I get from the measuring tape.

I digress.

I read a lot of lingerie blogs and follow several quite closely and because of them I was opened to a whole new world of Polish bras and clothing brands, indie designers and etsy.

I found however that when I wanted an item there weren’t a lot of reviews that I could reference. With this blog, I plan to rectify that and hope that my journey is relevant to yours 🙂

Currently wearing 26HH/28H, sizes on the blog will all be UK.
Accompanying pictures to my bra reviews can be found by clicking the link to my Bratabase profile.

Want to contact me? Please send an e-mail to: lafemmevanille@gmail.com

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