April Showers Bring May Flowers


That is how the saying goes. However this April has been uncharacteristically dry and sunny. The weather in the UK has never been one not to deliver, as rain is in the forecast this week!

Oh no, no! Worry not; I am not making small talk with you. This has been a poor attempt to segue into my review of Ewa Michalak’s BM Szarotka. Its floral pattern isn’t the most contemporary but it’s flowery indeed. I got this late February because I needed a new bra in which I wasn’t quadboobing and it also gave me the opportunity to try out the BM style (Hint: gonna stick to SM styles).

As the size I went for (60H≈28H) had to be custom-ordered *sob* I had to pay an additional 20PLN which to be fair, isn’t exactly drastic (approx. £3.55 at time of typing this sentence).

With Ewa Michalak I cannot fault how well made their bras are and this one is no exception! I was delighted to find that instead of the usual hook and eye duo the BM Szarotka featured a trio on each of its four rows.


The large width of the band makes it sooo very comfortable. Being on the smaller side of a 28-band though I think I would prefer a bra made with a tighter or stiffer material. This way I could close the bra on the outermost fastenings without having to restrain myself from tightening it any further – I’m very into wearing the bra out at a snail’s pace.

Sometimes when I get a new bra it becomes my new go-to, that is until I’ve had it long enough it becomes one of the regulars.  Unfortunately this bra has failed to become a favourite for me. I love wearing it because of how new it is but the shape I get isn’t the best. My breasts aren’t quite so full on top so there is slight wrinkling where the lace-y bits of the cups are. Thankfully it isn’t so noticeable when I’m actually wearing a top. However as I mentioned before I’m not a fan of the shape I get. I prefer a more uplifted shape whereas I’m given a slope-ish type; demonstrated by this picture from the previous post.

In fact, I was wearing this bra when the pictures were taken

It’s not all bad though; in true Ewa Michalak style my boobs are held front and centre! Nothing splayed on the sides.

In the end I can’t say I love this bra but I do like it. It works well enough but the cups and I are not compatible. Indeed I almost wish I waited a few weeks to see the release of the SM Amorek.

Biustonosz SM Amorek
It’d be like fulfilling my Claudette Dessous desires!


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