Basic T-shirts for Summer and also BOOBS

**EDIT: Slight blurry pictures added!

[With what feels like ages since my last post I have become a bit lax in my grammar. Please forgive me for my laziness. Plus I just wanted to get my thoughts out here so no pictures for now but perhaps I’ll add them in later when I can actually take some decent ones.]

The temperatures in the UK have been rising and my wardrobe has been shamefully inadequate in dealing with it. So to tackle this I got four basic t-shirts from DD-Atelier and the Lucy from BiuBiu.

BlueGreen Ivory Lilac Lucy

I got the basic t-shirts in blue, green, ivory and lilac in 34F-H. They’re rather stretchy so I could have gotten them in a 34D-F instead but for now I just wear my front-and-out bras. I never knew I could be so entranced by a basic t-shirt yet I am! I really like the v-shaped neckline and of course, the way it fits my torso without just draping down from the boobs. The colours have been a good way to introduce some brightness to my clothes. However I would wear a nude bra underneath if I were wearing the ivory top on its own – I have no nude bra so that’s a no go. So I’m going to wait until I get a nude bra (or the closest match to my skin) or wait until cooler weather (a virtual certainty!) to wear the ivory top. The composition of these t-shirts are 90% cotton and 10% lycra so they’re not too thin for the windier summer days and they’ve not been too thick for the current weather.*

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April Showers Bring May Flowers


That is how the saying goes. However this April has been uncharacteristically dry and sunny. The weather in the UK has never been one not to deliver, as rain is in the forecast this week!

Oh no, no! Worry not; I am not making small talk with you. This has been a poor attempt to segue into my review of Ewa Michalak’s BM Szarotka. Its floral pattern isn’t the most contemporary but it’s flowery indeed. I got this late February because I needed a new bra in which I wasn’t quadboobing and it also gave me the opportunity to try out the BM style (Hint: gonna stick to SM styles).

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First Post of 2015: DD-Atelier

Hello dear readers! It’s been about one quarter of year since my last post and now I must make it up to you. At first, I couldn’t think of what to write but that turned to laziness after my order with DD-Atelier.

DD-Atelier is a boob-friendly shop which hails from Russia. I’ve always liked their designs as I find that they’re a little less mature than BiuBiu and Urkye. However the prices are quite dear which lead to no hesitation in snapping up two items in the winter sale! I got a grey Cotton Top which unfortunately is no longer available as well as the Tweed Jacket in brown. Using the sizing chart on DD-Atelier and doing some comparisons to BiuBiu and Urkye I have estimated that my optimal size is about 34F/36D depending on fabric material hence I got the Cotton Top in a 34D-F and Tweed Jacket in 36D.

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