What Sorcery Is This?! Ewa Michalak SM Amorek

Four months I’ve longed for it.

Two months I’ve waited for it.

One month I’ve adored it.

No bow! Just ❤

Writing these words it made me realise that it was over half a year ago that the SM Amorek caught my eye. For your information, I emailed the Ewa Michalak shop for a 55HH SM Amorek on the 15th June. They had to wait for delivery of materials before the bra could be made and it was finally sent out on the 8th July. Seven days later on the 15th July I could finally experience the exquisiteness of the Amorek.

From my BM Szarotka order and given that the description of the Amorek did not mention a tighter-than-usual-band I went for the 55HH (26HH). Now, since I’m smack-dab in between a 26 and a 28 band this bra is just a tad too tight (on the loosest hooks). Not to the extent that I would need an extender though – thanks to my squishy torso. To be fair I accidentally did the bra up on the tightest hooks once so it should be okay (that particular moment was certainly not without trepidation).

Three hooks! Please tell me this is the new norm.
Three hooks! Please tell me this is the new norm.

Now I find the cups peculiar. Not a bad peculiar but the shape I get is different from the usual projection. This is more subdued, as if my breasts are being lightly held-up. It’s good though, I can adapt to wear it more with clothes that don’t have much space in the chest area. The cup widths (14cm) aren’t the narrowest I’ve had but I cannot mention if this is to be expected in a 55HH as this is the only Ewa Michalak bra I have in this size. A fascinating note though is that I actually fill out the bottom of the cups! Magic! Again without another 55HH EM bra I unfortunately have no reference to identity the cause with 100% certainty. My left boob bulges ever so slightly but that wouldn’t be enough to warrant going up a cup.

Overall I really really really like this bra. It is dare I say, super pretty and I am amazed at how sturdy it is when I look at how sheer it is. Which I might add is rather useful for checking your alignment after swooping and scooping.

Made of stable tulle
Made of stable tulle

Given how much I like the SM Amorek, I do regret not getting the matching knickers. That just might have to be a future endeavour as I very slowly fill my drawers with more Ewa Michalak SM bras.

Don’t forget that further pictures of this bra can be seen on my Bratabase.

7 thoughts on “What Sorcery Is This?! Ewa Michalak SM Amorek

  1. I don’t have Amorek but it is very pretty and the undies are a must have with your next order. I have several sm bras and I love them for summer wearing.

    1. Oh yes, sadly they don’t do a custom order for every bra but if that means a healthier bank balance then I am game.

  2. I recently received this as well. It is much more than what I expected. The matching bottoms are also a sight. I purchased the full bottoms, which are completely sheer in the back. Beautiful and fitting with the delicate nature of the bra. I love the entire set!

  3. We didn’t order this into our shop, but I couldn’t resist & ordered one just for myself (plus the babydoll). I love the unusual colour combination, the firm yet light mesh, and of course that Ewa uplift. FYI the babydoll is just as good. Feel like something out of Valley of the Dolls in it (which in my books, is a good thing)!

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