First Post of 2015: DD-Atelier

Hello dear readers! It’s been about one quarter of year since my last post and now I must make it up to you. At first, I couldn’t think of what to write but that turned to laziness after my order with DD-Atelier.

DD-Atelier is a boob-friendly shop which hails from Russia. I’ve always liked their designs as I find that they’re a little less mature than BiuBiu and Urkye. However the prices are quite dear which lead to no hesitation in snapping up two items in the winter sale! I got a grey Cotton Top which unfortunately is no longer available as well as the Tweed Jacket in brown. Using the sizing chart on DD-Atelier and doing some comparisons to BiuBiu and Urkye I have estimated that my optimal size is about 34F/36D depending on fabric material hence I got the Cotton Top in a 34D-F and Tweed Jacket in 36D.

Cotton Top

Honestly the first colour I would have chosen would not have been grey but the other colours were sold out in my selected size. Nevertheless I have grown very fond of this top, greyness and all! I had somehow missed the details in the product picture and had expected a plain, basic top. Cotton TopWhich it mostly is until you look at the neckline-shoulder area. This is the first time I’ve encountered something like this but it has intrigued me a great deal. The top is also a refreshing change with its high neckline; my boobs are fabulous but I also like covering them (and my general chest area) sometimes – especially when it’s cold and windy!SideYou can certainly see that it’s made for the busty by the way it fits the form so I couldn’t replace it with any other top from the high street. BackMy minor issue with this top is that it is rather tight by the underarms. It does not feel constrictive but how it clings! It makes me a bit conscious to wear this without a cardigan (or some such) because I’m afraid of raising my arms and accidentally flashing any sweat patches that are there which brings my to my reservations about wearing the colour grey.  While I am aware that tops of most colours will show sweat patches I guess I have been imprinted with the idea that grey shows them the most easily from watching Matilda. The scene where Miss Trunchbull is muscling about with the car got to me.

Anyway I really like this top and I am very tempted to get it in the new colours on their site!

Tweed Jacket

I wasn’t as successful in my gamble with the tweed jacket. I got the wrong size. The jacket itself is nice but the design is a bit too formal and mature for me; this is exacerbated by it being the wrong size for me.

Jacket frontIn spite of this, it does nip in at the waist and gives a really nice profile.Jacket sideJacket leftJacket backWhile it does give the desired shape the jacket can be seen to be too big for me after all.

The delivery time took about 12 calendar days which fits on the far end of 5-10 business days. Though with a fixed delivery price of 6EUR to Europe and the UK, I’m not complaining!

All in all, I am pleased with my DD-Atelier venture and I will be looking at their clothes again. Unfortunately I won’t be able to afford their clothes all the time but I’ll definitely be checking their sales out.





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