Who Made Your Pants?


For the period preceding this post I did not have anything to review nor any thoughts so huge I had to share them here. How I wish I could write about the many BiuBiu (and Ewa Michalak) items that I am forever lusting after or the dipping of my toe into Comexim waters! Fear not, however, for I will get my hands on an Antony jacket from BiuBiu as long as it is still available; but that day is not near enough. Can you tell I’m totally enamoured with the Polish busty resources?

Anyway, it was only after the third purchase from Who Made Your Pants (WMYP) did I think, “Hey! might as well write a review on my blog” so here it is. In advance, I apologise to WMYP for being too lazy to write reviews on the site (seriously very sorry about that).


My own summation of their agenda is this:

Who Made Your Pants provides jobs for women who haven’t been through the best of times. These women apply their skills and learn new ones in creating a product that was bought simply because the buyer wanted gorgeous underwear for themselves. Thus WMYP promotes a cycle of empowerment.

Again, this is my own interpretation of the WMYP idealogy so please please please visit their ‘About Us’ Page if you wish for a more insight.

I can’t remember when I first heard of or saw WMYP but man am I hooked! For my budget these pants certainly are dear but well worth it when I can afford them. They currently have 5 styles excluding Man Pants which are currently on hold. The styles are Aimee, Rosalind, Cecilia, Henriette and Hannah.

The first pants I ever bought are called Sweet Like Chocolate Limes (Aimee) and they are so, so exquisite.

And so aptly named

This was the first instance that I ever wore knickers with a centre seam and I tell you we did not get along at first. But along with its no-VPL (visible panty lines) properties and my having to wear work trousers I quickly learned to appreciate the genius of these stretch lace shorts. Now ‘Sweet Like Chocolate Limes’ has earned a place in my list of favourite underwear – which is no competition, most knickers I’ve got are from ASDA George.

The second pair of WMYP pants I got was SeaShell, MaBelle (Cecilia). I foolishly thought that they would also possess non-VPL properties because as well as being very optimistic I don’t read thoroughly enough! I never festered over it though for the pattern is truly wonderful.

Look at it!

I find that it doesn’t completely cover my bum – not that that is their intention – but sometimes I do get the slightest wedgies from this style. If I ever find a chance to I will adjust it and thankfully it is not such a cosmic wedgie that it lodges itself within my brain.

Third but not least (or last!) is Dapper (Henrietta).  I was certainly allured by how sleek and cool it looked and they have become the most stylish plain pants I have in my drawer.


They seem to be a snugger fit despite being the same size as the other two which could be attributed to the elastic trim it has. Other than that, it looks very good on and I wish my non-WMYP pants looked like these.

One major thing I love about these pants is that they can be unceremoniously thrown into a washing machine. Gorgeous pants without the maintenance? count me in! With each pair is attached a little card indicating who exactly made your pants – a reminder of the work environment in which each woman is treated with respect and being recognised for their skill. As well as that a booklet giving an overview of the brand and the women it works with brings a little personality to those of which WMYP consists of.


Inside the delivery box for this latest purchase were two little chocolate balls wrapped in Halloween themed foil. Little things like this make me like a brand more for the details it invests – maybe it’s psychological but one can’t always be so cynical.

Playing with a new camera
Playing with a new camera

You will have to pay for shipping which starts from £3.50 for UK deliveries, £10 for the EU and £12 for the Rest of World. It was only with this jolt that I realised that I have been spoiled by Amazon so I generally wait until the inclusive cost of delivery makes an order worth it.

I wholeheartedly recommend Who Made Your Pants if you ever have the opportunity to be a part of their customer base and treat yourself. On the other hand, I definitely understand how, as a consumer and first most an individual how our circumstances can affect us. So keep your eyes peeled for any offers or sales – I know I will!




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