Made Impressed…

And scraping the barrel that is my wit.

What do you do when you have credit and there’s a 20% off code before your very eyes?
Well, I immediately set to  scouring the product pages of Made in Preston (MiP); looking for something that would fit suitably in my budget range.

First off I checked out the tops and none of them tickled my fancy though I toyed with the idea of a bralet I opted for something a bit I’d be likely to wear more often. So then I clicked the dresses tab and wished for a bigger budget. However with the range of prices for their dresses I resolved myself to a simpler, plainer dress. Initially I was torn between three styles:

  • the Flippy Dress (available in Antique Rose, Red, Royal Blue)
  • the Black Jersey Skater Dress
  • and the Jersey Dress with Powder Pink Mesh

In the end I chose the third choice for I could not figure out the difference between a flippy dress and skater dress (seriously, what’s the difference?) and I was afraid the first two choices may be uncomfortably short after reading a review on the site (on Black Jersey Skater Dress).

I entered 10 as my High Street dress size and 28GG owing to some slothing that has made me more generous with my measurements. When I got the dress in a 10Foxy I found that it just seemed to hang off my chest and with some email exchange, advice,  return and another dispatch I soon held in my hands the Jersey Dress with Powder Pink Mesh in an 8Fab.

How fabulous it fits!

This time round, pictures are especially bad. Apologies for that.
This time round, pictures are especially bad. Apologies for that.

The dress has the right amount of room to accommodate my boobs and it hits perfectly around the narrowest part of my torso. The skirt flares out nicely and conceals any bumps but it isn’t so discreet at hiding a good meal you’ve just had. The jersey material sits heavily on the body but the dress is still lightweight and thin enough to wear on warmer days – perhaps not scorching hot days though. However, I’m glad to have a dress that I can foresee myself wearing into the colder seasons with the addition of some legwear and layers.

The sleeves are short but fit comfortably snug around my arms so one might be losing out on ventilation there but of course it means there will no bra showing (hurrah for busty clothing brands).

And hurrah for awkward posing!

I had been worried about the length given the lack of product information but I am glad to report that it’s not too short for me. It sits just above the knee and doesn’t climb up too much when I sit down. However for comfort’s sake in some situations I’d be inclined to scooch forward on a seat to prevent direct skin-to-chair contact. Measuring the length of the dress myself it is approximately 88.5cm (shoulder to hem).

Funnily enough I was looking at the Pepperberry sale the other day and thinking how great it would be if they, like MiP does, incorporated bra sizes in their size guide and if MiP had more detailed descriptions about their products.

Anyway, I generally have reservations about the quality from MiP but this dress is certainly well made. It is machine washable but with the type of material it is made from I am afraid that pilling may feature in its future. But for now I’ll just enjoy wearing it in its current state.

The great thing about MiP is that they take their inspiration from the high street to cater to a younger demographic. I fully appreciate this because sometimes I do find BiuBiu a bit too mature for me. Unfortunately, this fashionable aspect does not particularly appeal to me as I am not entranced by modern trends as such so I can’t say I love their whole collection (except for swimwear, theirs is magnificent). Definitely though, Made in Preston is making busty clothing much more accessible and mainstream and I applaud them on that.

So in conclusion:

Love the dress

Made in Preston?  Not the best but good nonetheless



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