Absorbing the Shock of the Freya Active endeavour

Behold, a late part 2 in my sports bra adventure.

Feeling disappointed in my Freya purchase, I despaired on ever getting an affordable sports bra. Thankfully while browsing Bratabase I was reminded of a wonderful solution to my money-woes and set off immediately to eBay.

Prior to the bra hunt, I had decided that only as a last resort would I consider a Shock Absorber (since I was leaning towards an encapsulation bra rather than compression). However, I could delay no longer as a friend wanted to do some classes together.

Anyway, zipping off to eBay I typed in my specifications et voilà was a seller offering Shock Absorber bras in a range of sizes for £10.99 – £17.99 (free standard delivery yay). While there were a range of sizes, the drop list revealed that many of these were sold out and only a dozen were still in stock. To my delight a 28GG was just £10.99 and of course I went right on buying that bra! I received an email two days after purchasing that the item was dispatched and unfortunately I cannot remember how long after the bra arrived. Evidently, this blog post is waaay overdue but hey, it’s here now.

Front shock absorb
Shock Absorber B4490

The bra I got is in purple/blue and I am very pleased with how nice and bright it is – though I’d prefer to wear a top over it.

For those who may have difficulty putting it on, here’s my method:

1. Without putting arms through the straps, do the top set of hooks.

2. Shimmy the bra up so that it sits approximately where it should then put arms through the straps.

3. Do the bottom set of hooks then adjust the bra accordingly.

[If anybody has a better method or any suggestions, don’t hesitate to comment :)]

It is fairly easy to put on but I do work a bit of a sweat before any sports just from doing the hooks. The bra tag is attached at an awkward place such that when I attempt to connect the bottom hook my thumb slips occasionally – hence the mini workout. The bra is comfortable to wear and there’s nothing like feeling the bands pressed against your back as if they’re whispering, “I’m not gonna budge from here.”

My most favourite thing about the bra’s construction would be the extra thread sewn for the hook attachments thus securing the hooks and reinforcing the band support.

Hooks reinforced


I admit I’ve only used this bra twice since buying in April but one of those occasions was a Zumba class so that counts for something.

The Shock Absorber holds most of my chest firm save for the area above the neckline. There seems to be a small puddle of breast tissue that has been pushed up by what has been contained in the bra. Bouncing on the balls of my feet the exposed boobage there indeed does jiggle but I put up with it and console myself that one wouldn’t normally do such an action in sports – I think. Nonetheless, I won’t be doing any “shimmies” no matter how impassioned the instructor seems to be.

Being a compression style sports bra, one can expect the dreaded BOOB SWEAT. It’s certainly not nice and such is the reason I had wanted an encapsulation bra in the beginning. One positive about this I managed to salvage is the cooling feeling you get when you finally take the bra off.

I can definitely say that this is a perfectly adequate sports bra and it’s a great starting point for those wanting to try their hand at bra-sized sports bras. Case in point, the aforementioned friend told me how glad she was that she got a proper sports bra that the full price was worth it!

So courageous hero, if you brave the the sports bra adventure I wish you a fruitful journey.


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