Tops from Made in Preston

First of all, I wanted a more imaginative title along the lines of “Made to imPres(ton)?” but that’s a bit cheesy and complex. So I’ve kept it simple with the above.

Back in February I was looking at the Made in Preston site and saw some items that were on sale. Since there were some things I wanted to try I went ahead and ordered the ‘Fitted Italian Print T-Shirt’ and ‘Crepe Short Sleeve Blouse’ both in a ’10 Fit’.

Fitted Italian Print T-Shirt

What I noticed when I first opened the packaging for this top was how thin it was. It is not surprising however, since the top is made from 100% polyester. The good thing about this is that it’ll be perfect for those scorching summer days – the bad thing is that I live in the U.K.


Anyway, I’m totally in love with the print. I love how the colours come together like the pattern of a calico cat.  Upon closer inspection one can see the people in the print in which there is some geometry of how they are arranged. Once again, a top has bested my length-impaired torso. This isn’t too much of an issue but it can be seen that any maneuvering and shifting would allow some fabric to bunch a bit at my underbust. The seams at the front are well placed but it’s possible I wouldn’t be able to stop looking at them if I were standing to the side of my clone wearing this top.

RIGHT: It's a bit worrying being able to see the thread when my arms are up
RIGHT: It’s a bit worrying being able to see the thread when my arms are up

I applaud Made in Preston for making the sleeves on this top nice and long so I won’t have to worry about gaping underarms (nor will I have to prepare for them!).

A little niggle I have would have to be the neckline. The thing is, I’m not quite sure what it wants to be.


First of all I do appreciate how close the neckline is since I’m quite averse to feeling breezy along my neck. Nearer the bottom of the what I’ll refer to as the V-shape there’s an odd sort of bunching and I’m not sure if it’ll ever lay smooth!

Overall though, the top has been good to me and it has been good to wear under hoodies when it’s not so cold. It’s good for showing off your figure – in this respect it has helped highlight the difference in my chest and underbust.

Since it was made with big boobs in mind this top has evidently worked well and is definitely a good contender for non-specialised brands.

Hence, I would seriously consider the other short-sleeved tops of this style from Made in Preston if I should ever go to a country with the blessing of the blazing sun.

Moving on:

Crepe Short Sleeve Blouse

Unfortunately, this top did not work so well. By that, I mean it really didn’t work.

I found that the top demands high-set breasts and a relatively abdomen that won’t do battle with the buttons. Observe:


Maybe it doesn’t seem so bad from the front but from the side…


This top was most certainly meant for someone with a longer torso and higher set breasts. I found the the buttons were fairly secure but they could not hide their struggle in containing my belly (even when just standing up!).

I found that the neckline was lower than I anticipated and there was just too much space for my boobs to fill. Because of its cut and fit on me the result was some odd bust shape with some pointedness at the seams.


So I made the not-so-difficult (but highly disappointing) decision to return this top and keep the Italian print one.

I think after I use up my store credit for the return, I’ll just stick with BiuBiu and Urkye unless there comes a piece that catches my fancy.

However, in the end all these experiences will accumulate and I will learn what tops to wear and what to avoid.


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