Revisiting the SM Czarodziejka

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So you’ve got a bra listed on Bratabase, it’s been a while and nobody seems interested. As you may be wont to do, you decide to try that bra on again – since you’re kinda bored and maybe the nth time’s the charm.

Well lo and behold! After some hardcore scooping, hiking and jiggling of the wires the bra fit much much better than it initially did. Before getting too overexcited I decided to wait until the next morning to see if it still fit as well.

In the morning I woke up, brushed my teeth and put the bra on. Would you believe it, it fit!

Of course, we’re not talking about the perfect fit.

What I mean is that my boobs fill the cups and it just the edge fabric that has that little gape. The band still fits like a dream (the gore actually tacks!) and the wires are wonderfully narrow but the bra and my breasts are still not 100% compatible.

Even after hiking up there’s still just some empty fabric towards the centre of the gore. After wearing the bra for a whole day my breasts are more inclined to obstinately couple together rather than individually fill the sides of the cups.

However, I’m just glad they DO fill the cups! I can only surmise that perhaps my boobs have gotten bigger along with some increase of general mass. It would be hard to validate though since I have no measurements from the time then.

All in all, if there’s an unused bra in your vicinity, maybe try it once in a while and assess the fit. (Or maybe I should be less hasty and take more time when trying the bra the first time!)

You just may be pleasantly surprised.

As a result, I have taken down my listing on Bratabase – I’m not letting this one go.


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