Bravissimo Fanciful Bra

On my most recent trip to Bravissimo (okay, it was over a month ago) I tried some of the newer styles and walked out of that store with the Bravissimo Fanciful Bra in a 28GG.

Fanciful bra
Another black bra!

While my priority on that fateful day was to acquire the Panache Sports Bra, it was, sadly just not right for me.Reading some reviews I had gathered that the cups ran large and so I initially tried a 28G. Unfortunately that was just a tad small and I was minutely quadboobing so one of the Bravissimo ladies brought me a 28GG to try. Again, I found a few issues with the fit:

  • The 28GG cup size was a bit big for me and so the sports bra failed the jump and jiggle test (mind you, it jiggled a lot more than I care for in the 28G as well – like a jellyquake)
  • Personally, I found that it didn’t come up high enough so it felt like there were windows that the breast tissue could try escaping from
  • The band wasn’t as tight as I would have liked a sports bra to be (Even with the racerback clip!)

Thus with a shadow of morosity I gave up the Panache Sports Bra as it’s evident we just weren’t meant to be. However if you’re hankering for a Panache Sports Bra, don’t be put off as many others have found success with this style!

Determined as I was to walk out with a new bra I also tried some everyday bras and the Fanciful Bra was the one that made the cut.

From the beginning I was very taken with the design and I was enticed to own a half cup bra! I had previously tried the Mademoiselle Bra but the cups just didn’t have enough depth and the bra itself didn’t seem very sturdy.

Enter the Fanciful Bra.

Upon wearing it, it gives me a nice, round shape that honestly could just be a little more uplifted (and a little less flat). Perhaps my biggest transgression in buying this bra is that it only works for me because of its wide wires. Otherwise, the Fanciful Bra would just be another cross on the ‘Bras of My Lifetime’ list (which is neither tangible nor existent) since it would be too shallow for my needs.

Given the materials used*, I think this bra would have worked better in a 26-band because the centre gore does not lie flat.
As expected the band isn’t tight enough and the back rides up as I wear it throughout the day.


Never before have I fully benefited from having 3 hooks per column! While the back is certainly loose, having 3 hooks instead of 2 really help in making the bra feel secure and even such that I forget I’m wearing a bra at times. So woohoo for that!

The only annoyance in having 3 hooks (in general) is that having just connected the third one the middle one can come out hence putting pressure on the top first hook. This practically never happens with my Bravissimo bra but I’ve had it happen with another bra with three hooks.

The shoulder strap are thick and fully adjustable and each side has a cute pink bow where it joins the bra.
In this respect I can’t really complain.

Possibly my biggest gripe with the bra is how padded it feels by the underwires. It seems so thick as though there’s no proper contact between the underwires and the underboob. So just after I put it on, I’m paranoid about it shifting easily which thankfully doesn’t happen.
Yet when I feel the along the length of the bra it isn’t actually that thick but the wires aren’t as sturdy as some other bras (such as the Panache Tango II). The front of the bra fits well – there isn’t any empty space under each breast – however the sides of course are not perfect owing to the wide wires.

Overall this is a perfectly adequate bra for wearing day-to-day or a useful method to just reduce the projection of the profile. It is very comfortable and soft against my skin. And I am seriously loving how wide the band and shoulder straps are.

So while I am fine living with it, if you need wide wires and not too much depth it is worth giving this bra a try.

While I am more inclined towards Ewa Michalak bras I haven’t given up on Bravissimo yet. I’m eyeing the Dixie Bra in the sky blue colourway but as one has a small budget one must control oneself.

*43% Polyester, 32% Cotton, 19% Polyamide, 6% Elastane


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