Lady V London

As soon as I saw the status on Facebook there was no way I wasn’t going to salvage a dress or two from the Lady V London Boxing Day Sale.

So on the day, I perused the sale selection and ‘oohed’ and ‘aahed’ over the pretty dresses but the Wiggle Dress was one I’d noticed for a while now. Hence, on the 26th of December I ordered the black and white wiggle dress and burgundy with white polka dot swing dress (now sold out) both in size 10.

Considering it was around New Year’s time, delivery was prompt as the dresses were received 6 days later.

Wiggle Dress

First off, the quality was very good and the material felt very soft as I ran my hands up and down the dress (ahem). I was very drawn to the black and white polka dots because it reminded me of a dress I used to have when I was but a wee girl.

Unfortunately, this dress and I didn’t get along very well.


Being around 5’3″ (a guesstimate) I found that this dress was too long and the hem felt a bit uncomfortable against my legs as I walked. For me the neckline was just too open and there was no conceivable event I could wear this to (except to play dress-up at home).

From the pictures, you can see that the top row of buttons faced downwards and I’m pretty sure that’s not how the dress should sit. I couldn’t pull the dress down a bit because of my belly and hips and if I could the dress would feel even longer!

Ultimately, the evidence that we were never meant to be made me return this dress.

So I’ve learned something about which dresses that aren’t the best for me. I’m can’t outright state them yet but when the time comes I’ll just come back to these pictures and compare.

Swing Dress

Conversely I found that the swing dress worked much better. The flared skirting was much more comfortable and a dress like this is much more fun when you spin around (amirite?). Again the quality was very good but there was one HUGE fit issue.

The first time I wore it with no incident but no matter how hard I tried I couldn’t try it a second time. All because of this:

See it? See the culprit in the blue rectangle?

Okay okay, it wasn’t all because of the waist-band-centre-bit. You may find that whenever you have a zip-up dress there’s just the slightest resistance when you have to go over a part that’s sewn in.

Anyway, no matter how much grunting and despairing this dress would not go up past the band even with the help of someone else. And to mock me the dress would zip-up when on its own. After some solo work I thought everything was better when the zip actually went up but no! below that point the teeth did not close together.
So definitely there was something not quite right with the zip and when I e-mailed about it Victoria from Lady V London graciously offered to have the dress or zip replaced (which would take a few weeks, having the zip replaced that is).

Hence I sent both dresses back and began my wait for the return of the Swing Dress.
After 17 days of waiting (and just a bit of forgetting) I received the Swing Dress with a new zip.

Of course I tried the dress as soon as possible and was almost devastated when the zip hitched a bit at the same place. Thankfully with the littlest bit of elbow grease the zip went all the way to the top and to this day still does.

Now on to the fit!

The length of the dress is perfect and sits just on my knees.

However you can see how big boobs and a short body and waist can lead to a slightly awkward fit. Observe:


The chest area is a bit too small so, like a shallow bra, there exists an odd kind of empty space just underneath my breasts. This in turn brings the waist band up and consequently the whole of the bottom dress up. Because of this, the waist band doesn’t exactly become an empire waist-type and the lower part of the dress then rests on my stomach – bringing forth a weird side pouter pigeon shape.

The one part that is too big would have to be shoulder area. The shoulders are a bit loose and the sleeves feel a tad big as well. However the armholes are perfect in that no bra peeks through.


Therefore I think if I were to get a Swing Dress again from Lady V London I would consider a size 12. While there may then be too much room the wonder tie would help bring the waist in. I would have to think strongly about the size of the shoulders though.

In general though, I think that Lady V London dress may be better suited for those with longer bodies but of course anyone can wear them.
From my first experience I truly recommend them.


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