Mirror Mirror

What you see is hardly physical.

Maybe I’m a bit late on the New Year’s resolution scene but darn it it’s still January ain’t it?

These recent years I’ve noticed that the suggestion of making a New Year’s resolution is met with rolled eyes and exasperated sighs. I do agree that any changes you want to make shouldn’t have to wait until the end of the year. However, it is much easier reflect upon ourselves in a time period that has already been discretely measured.

Having said that, every January there will be an influx of people who will endeavour to make a difference in the year that is seen as a tabula rasa. A quick Google search indicates that one of the popular ones is to lose weight and/or get fit. Among the noble (and some not so noble) list, I have yet to see one that may or may not be obvious to some – accept yourself.

Be happy in your own skin.

I know it sounds cliché but when we’re bombarded with images of people revered for their physique and we don’t fit that mould, it can be pretty hard to take. And the onslaught of internet users hidden behind their computer screens finding a flaw with everyone doesn’t help.  The absurdity doesn’t end when magazines criticise the bodies of famous persons for being too fat, too thin and basically looking like a human being. Not to mention when it’s family members or friends that demean intentionally or as the by-product of a tactless, blunt personality coupled with shallowness.

Everybody has their good and bad moments but let’s just say it’s not great when some people say they hate what they see in the mirror.

I know I don’t have the “perfect body”,  nor am I “drop dead gorgeous” by societal standards but I’m fine with that. What I look like is a result of the genes inherited from my parents and the effects of my environment.

I may or may not want a six-pack that will break the wrists of any who attempt to punch it (yes, I’m hardcore) but unless given the optimal conditions, I will probably never achieve that. I accept that since its priority so low that it’s rank number is in the negatives.

I realise that I will never look a certain way because I love my food too much and I don’t have the time and dedication needed. If that’s not okay with someone all they can say is, “Damn! That person whose lifestyle I cannot influence isn’t doing anything I want them to do!”. They may be snarky and try to bring me down but rather than get upset I would most probably be angry that they’re so narrow minded.

Too much text, must break down with a picture
Too much text, must break down with a picture

That isn’t to say that I don’t fall prey to not being content. I am conscious of my big calves, asymmetrical eyes, that strip of fat just under my belly button…

If I really tried the list could and would go on. But I accept that these qualities are me and can possibly only be changed by drastic measures. So I focus on the positives:

  • I can do the left and right splits
  • I can see
  • I can do at least one push up!

And there are so many other things that I am fortunate enough to have; all the positive things vastly outweigh the physical attributes I dislike about myself.

It wouldn’t be fair not to reveal that I also have a slight vanity about clothes sizing. I may be offended when people think I’m bigger than I really am, I may rejoice at needing a smaller size or I may feel smug about being sized out.

But numbers are just numbers.

It’s a system of categorisation – there’s no good or bad, just different in the most neutral way.

Just think about how you look at people, don’t people seem to look how they act? Don’t they look more pleasant when they’re kind and a bit beauty deprived when they’re not so nice?

That’s why I’m positive that however I look, I know that there’s got to be at least one person on the whole of Earth that’s attracted to me.

Some people who I meet may think I’m not concerned with this stuff  because in actuality, I’m trying not to. For better or for worse, I try to see my body as a cell that carries my thinking parts around.

So please don’t say you’re ugly because you’re not.

If you’re so unhappy that you want to change then by all means do so. Whether you meet your targets or not, congratulations and well done for trying . It may sound funny but even if you don’t meet the standards you set, you’re not substandard nor are you less than perfect.

Nobody’s perfect and we each live our own lives.

I sincerely hope nobody is offended by my post and I certainly don’t want anybody to feel like I’m forcing them to do something. This is a post that I’ve been meaning to do and I apologise if you feel like I’m giving out a “”Why don’t you love yourself?!” vibe or a pseudo-inspirational bull post.


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