Ewa Michalak SM Czarodziejka

With a little bit o’ cash and a lot of zeal for impulse buying, I decided to get the SM Czarodziejka (limited edition by the way 😉 ).

I then set about inquiring for a custom order of size 60GG and after some correspondence and some waiting I received an e-mail saying that my item had been dispatched. It promptly arrived 4 days later on Christmas Eve and how disappointed I am we do not match.

First of all, the band is spot on so it’s just so ironic that it should be the cups that do not fit properly. Word of caution, the band does run tight as indicated in its product description so there’s still some question as to what band size I should order from Ewa Michalak from now on.

From your own experience, if EM runs tight do you stick with your regular band or go up one?

The main issue I have with the is the cups. Despite how projected and deep the cups seemed to me from the pictures, the shape does not work for me at all.

One major reason for this would have to be that the cups are too big. I think I would have had a fighting chance with this bra if I had ordered a 60G but I will discuss why it still would not have worked.

The only way I can explain it is that there is not enough fabric near the bottom of the bra. You may or may not understand what I mean but when the bra is on, there is some emptiness at the bottom.

A commenter on Bratabase pointed out that I was wearing the bra too low and that I should try shimmy-ing the wire to my roots. This was very helpful and gave me hope that I could salvage the fit but alas, we (me and SM-Czarodziejka) do not match after all. Although the cups did fit slightly better.

I suppose I could say that the bra just isn’t deep in the right places for me as well as it being the wrong cup size.

Hence, it is most sorrowful that I have chosen to part with this particular bra and it is now listed on Bratabase.

Edit: No longer available on Bratabase – please refer to revised review.

It won’t fit me but it’s sure to fit another!


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