BiuBiu & Urkye

What should I wear?

I’m sure these four words have popped into the mind of anybody who has had a rendezvous to attend to.

For me, it was an interview.

Of course, I considered the more important questions such as, “What will they ask me?” or “What should I ask them?” but the matter of my attire nagged at me. So the day after confirming my acceptance of the interview invitation I set about placing an order on BiuBiu. I love BiuBiu but I find it can be pricey at times so I also looked at Urkye, another Polish brand catering to the boobful.

From the title of this post I guess you can tell I couldn’t restrain myself and went for items from both of them (this was more wallet-friendly mind you).

Items for review:

Let’s get started shall we?

Vanity Fair White [36B]

The main purpose of my purchases, I was eager to try on what other bloggers have praised so highly and I was not disappointed. No more the airbag look where the air went to your back or your waist but never out through the sleeves or between the buttons.

Vanity Fair front side back
Click to enlarge

I only just noticed I missed a button but that evidently provides negligible effect to the overall look.

As someone who is high-waisted I find the the shirt is a bit loose near my underbust but if I sized down to a 34BB I don’t think I would appreciate a closer fit on my lower abdomen. The back tapers quite well to my figure but like the Martini dress I find that there are some folds such it the back doesn’t lay smoothly against me. In the pictures above I have folded the sleeves up twice as it would simply be too long to keep them down.

Luckily it doesn’t look too bad this way but I wouldn’t be able to wear the sleeves at their normal length comfortably.

Vanity Fair long sleeve
Square buttons by the way and horizontal button holes. Extra precaution against gaping yeah!

Vanity Fair full sleeves

If I left them as is and just “hiked” the sleeves up I’d get this rippling effect and that’s a no no for me. Nevertheless I will be going back to BiuBiu for shirts but just in case, I might consider trying the 34BB as the Vanity Fair is quite stretchy but heck if I’m too lazy to do returns!

I haven’t worn anything underneath (besides my Ewa Michalak PL Charlie bra) but the world should expect a vest or camisole when I step out in this number.

Siena olive [36B]

I first noticed this shirt when I was spying on the Avila blazer and boy oh boy did I love the outfit the model was wearing. I silently vowed I’d acquire such an ensemble and here I have part one of two.


The fit is fairly satisfactory and the fabric is quite stretchy like the Vanity Fair. I like how it buttons all the way to the top, a design I find particularly cute.  You can see that the back is not filled out and there’s still some looseness right under my bust.

I love that you can fold up the ¾ sleeves for when it’s more convenient or it’s a tad warmer. I’d probably wear this mainly in the  warmer seasons but the Siena is versatile enough to be layered with for the winter.

Ever so slightly disappointed with the Siena olive but I’ve still got my eye on the Avila jacket. Here’s hoping they bring out more colours next spring!

Haarlem (black) [34B/BB]

   I was very taken with the Haarlem top ever since I first saw the pictures on the BiuBiu website. Most particularly the emerald version really stood out and appealed to me. However, during this splurge only the black and cherry were available in the chosen size so I got the black since… Well, the next review will reveal why.

Anyway, I decided to get the 34B/BB because the I felt I could have sized down when I got the Portofino top in 36B. Indeed, the Haarlem top is like a tight, comfy elastic band. Wearing it I feel really secure and you can really tell that the Haarlem top is made for the colder days as it is quite thick. I’m glad I chose the 34B/BB as it fits snugly without being constrictive, however I find that I would not be able to wear a vest or camisole underneath if I chose to do so.

Adjusting the neck line how you see fit - and still looking good
Adjusting the neckline how you see fit – and still looking good

I really love the versatility of the neckline as it provides two different ways to wear the same top. Like a long-sleeved version of the Portofino the Haarlem has ruching on the front and back. The ruching on the front seemed a bit like overkill though but I think I’d be glad to have them when I’m sitting down!

I think I could have adjusted the front properly though
I think I could have adjusted the front properly though
Back view
Back view

Unfortunately since it’s black you can’t see too much detail but if you click on the pictures then hopefully you’ll be able to see more with the original size.

All in all, I’m loving the Haarlem tops and when I can afford to plan to get the other colourways. I suppose that the more tailored tops from BiuBiu just aren’t compatible with my shape. That won’t put me off though; I can be quite stubborn.

Kopertówka long-Wiśniowy 36o/oo

So the reason I didn’t opt for the Haarlem in cherry was because of this:

Kopertówka long frontA similar top from Urkye with the same neckline but without as much ruching (practically none in the back) and a much less dear price! Since it’s not black you can see it better in the pictures and personally, I don’t hate what I see. Here is what it looks like with the neckline higher:

Kopertówka long high front
Equally exquisite

I find the Kopertówka long is a thinner material than the Haarlem and it doesn’t hang as tight so I could wear something underneath if I so pleased. What I found a bit awkward was how the front with lower than the back.

It'll go well with the oddly high-rise back and low-rise front of my jeans
It’ll go well with the oddly high-rise back and low-rise front of my jeans

It is not something that irks me but certainly it is puzzling to me.

The back fits perfectly to my figure and brings about a very nice silhouette. I worry slightly that it gives a hint of my bra band since it’d be great to have a seamless look but then again, it’s not a big deal.

Sukienka – Mała – Czarny 36o/oo

  The Mała is a dress in which there is but one flaw – it appears bit long for me. The hem hits me across the knees but I feel like the length swamps me. This is such that it feels a bit awkward when I walk because the material is always there (I hope someone gets me).

Mała frontI’m currently waiting for the right heels to complete my own LBD look.

Initially I was most entranced by the red version but I decided to opt for some subtlety and chose the black for comfort.

I do get some minor folds but because of the jersey property of the material these issues can be easily rectified. Surprisingly, I find that I’d prefer it if the hem was a bit more tapered. Not sure why, I just would.

The neckline and the thick straps are very complementary and the arm holes are just right to hide the sides of your bra. The dress smooths over your body and doesn’t bring about any lumpiness (unless you wear the tights that cut in weirdly at your waist!). I have a little belly but I’m fine with wearing this dress as it is but of course, shapewear or not it’s up to you yourself (if you decide to get the Mała that is).

For my first purchases from Urkye I am really really pleased especially when it has very reasonable prices. Equipped with the Mała I’m on the prowl for a occasion to wear it! Please note you have to make an account before buying anything.

In terms of sizing, BiuBiu and Urkye have different measurement tables so rather than being equivalent I’d say that their sizes are approximate i.e. 36B≈36o.

The shipping is excellent as well. Both companies are extremely competent at handling your orders and has seemed to process them as soon as possible. At the time of purchase there was a bug on BiuBiu’s website such that an item was listed as the wrong size in the shopping cart. The wonderful team e-mailed everybody who ordered something to confirm their order. Here’s a timeline for both of my transactions:

Sunday 8th Dec: Paid for orders

Monday 7th Dec: Both orders dispatched

Friday 12th Dec: Both orders arrive

So less than a week in receiving them! Granted I do live in the U.K. it’s still a long way from Poland.

There have been ups and downs with this little journey but soon I shall be a complete addict to BiuBiu and Urkye. Of course it would only be right to wear some Polish bras underneath these clothes 😛

A super long post, I hope you enjoyed reading it.


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