BiuBiu Martini Dress

I don’t wear dresses a lot but I sure have a penchant for buying them!

Every so very often, I browse BiuBiu’s site just to “online window shop” and through a series of events I can’t help but impulse buy sometimes. I had been lusting after this dress for some time but honestly, immediately after I placed the order I regretted my decision (one must control oneself and be frugal most times!). However, all that doubt and regret dissipated as soon as the dress arrived.

I ordered my dress on the 30th September and it was promptly dispatched the very next day. I can’t say when I received it as I’ve forgotten but arrival time is pretty swift considering the A to B is Poland and the U.K. respectively. My waist is around 27~28″ and my bust is approximately 35.5″ standing up so with some help from conversion websites and BiuBiu’s sizing guide you can see that I may not be curvy enough to fill out some portions of their clothes.

The very first time I ordered from BiuBiu was the Portofino top in turquoise and with my measurements and the reviews from many wonderful bloggers I went for a 36B/BB. Personally, I feel there’s a bit of the gap between my boobs and shoulders but I’m not sure if that’s the design or not but that’s not the topic of this post.

Anyway, guarded with my first experience of BiuBiu I ordered the Martini Cream dress in a 36B and while it’s not a 100% perfect fit – I’m glad I went for it. When I first tried it on, I felt it quite close fitting on my hips and practically had to shimmy it up around there. These days I can put it on with ease but I can certainly tell that my hips would not fit a smaller size.

The slit is unaligned. That bothers me.
The slit is unaligned. That bothers me.

In general this dress is quite fitting but I found that it is also quite wrinkly just under the bust and especially so at the back. The annoying thing about this is that I have to pull the dress downwards around my shoulders or else the dress strap will levitate slightly. This is something that could probably be rectified if I had a longer body and longer legs, so never really (I think I’m around 5’3″, cannot be sure though).

The wrinkles are really quite prominent.
The wrinkles are really quite prominent.

That said, I really do love the style of this dress which reminds me a bit like a Chinese-style dress. This dress hits me just across the knees which is a length that is favourable to me so if you’re taller or shorter than me, deduce what you may.

Unlike many chains on the high street whose clothes have trenches as arm holes, BiuBiu, who caters to the busty has small enough armholes that any bra showing is minimal. You can see that my strap of my PL Charlie from Ewa Michalak (review in previous post) peeking slightly but boy am I glad none of the cup is showing.

I’m not much of a dress wearer nor are there any places I would wear dresses so as of now I haven’t worn it out yet (but I’ve played dress-up plenty of times!). I believe I’d have to wear a bolero due to the wrinkles (or folds even?!) but I wouldn’t mind throwing it off really and baring the excess material for all to see.

If you were me you may not have kept this dress but darn it,  I like it and it makes my bum look good.

As I said, this dress fits such that you could go with or without shapewear. That is up to you and by Jove you will look good whatever your choice. Here are some more (read: two) pictures for reference and gratuitous pose :p.

Front - Martini Cream  Side - Martini Cream

Pose - Martini Cream

With regards to the Martini Cream, I can only say trés chic.


2 thoughts on “BiuBiu Martini Dress

  1. Hi Connie,
    would you mind telling me about the fabric? Is it suitable to wear to a summer wedding?
    I ordered the blue one and am now hesitant.
    Thanks a lot
    my best

    1. Hi Anja,
      The dress is unlined and the fabric is thin so you could definitely wear it on a hot day. The fabric will be right next to your skin when it’s warm but if there are any cool breezes, you should be able to feel it. I’d say it is suitable to wear to a summer wedding but in the end the decision is all yours.
      I hope this helps!

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