Ewa Michalak PL Charlie

PL Charlie

For a while now, I’ve been wanting to try an Ewa Michalak bra after seeing so many bloggers sing praises of theirs.

Of course, I must say that there’s quite a lot of confusion over which size to order. Some say to disregard the measuring guide on the site and others say that Ewa Michalak has a different sizing system which is a very reasonable argument.

So I gave their calculator the benefit of the doubt, entered 67, 69 for the tight and loose underbust measurement respectively (these are approximate as I can’t remember precisely). I do remember however that the calculator gave me a 65FF and with the knowledge that in PL styles you should go up a cup, I ordered a 65G of the PL Charlie as well as the matching knickers in a size 38.

So I ordered and paid on the 9th November and it was dispatched on the 20th November. I’m sure it would have shipped earlier but I received an e-mail saying that my order had been put on hold because they hadn’t the required products in store. I received it on the 23rd November in the form of a cardboard box – undoubtedly to avoid damage in the transit.

Needless to say, I tried it on as soon as possible (after getting some more sleep that is, it was a Saturday) and have fallen in love with the design (it really reminds me of the stereotypical 1920’s American gangster). The briefs come up nice and high, they are secure and very comfortable to wear. I confess that I tried it backwards at first and wondered why it came up so high in front (oh me!). For me, I found the bra to be very high quality and very plushy even without inserting the pads. This is my first ever matching set and I feel well grown up.

Now on to the fit.

I so desperately wanted the back to fit but the 65-band is truly equivalent to a 30-band. While I can’t see the gore for the cleavage (super great for that décolletage) I can feel that the centre gore does not tack. The gore is low enough to be a true plunge and does not sit on my breast tissue. While I do feel as secure as I can it is definitely much looser than I would like. I can easily do it on the tightest hooks but I don’t want to reduce its lifespan. Despite riding up a bit the bra is comfortable to wear and has the type of material that I really want to rub on my face. The tag says that it’s:

  • 45% polyamid
  • 30% polyester
  • 20% cotton
  • 5% elastane

However, that’s what it also says on the tag for the briefs so I don’t know how much stock to put into that.

The cups are split into 3-parts and the vertical seam runs quite high which provides that really uplifted look. I’m really pleased with the shape it gives me but a close-up of the profile make it look like I have a “long” projection. But then, that’s just something I noticed myself and it’s practically a negligible issue.

The wires certainly run very narrow but I don’t find them too high at all. I don’t have a long torso but those who have a shorter torso or need a larger cup may find that indeed the ends of the wires does dig in a bit. However, if you’re in the market for narrow underwires then check Ewa Michalak out.

In conclusion, this is an exquisite set whose main flaw would have to be its size (for me).

The revelation that I’ll have to custom order from Ewa Michalak is indubitably disappointing mainly due to the availability of materials needed. The price for them to sew one for you is an additional 20PLN ≈ £4 which is actually pretty good.

Based on my experience I’ll have to say maybe use the calculator provided on their website and sister-size down a band.

At the time of writing this, I have worn the bra out 2 times and have not yet hand-washed it.


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