Made in Preston Winter Punk Lace

Winter Punk Lace

This review is a rehash of an earlier one I wrote on Bratabase, you can check it out by clicking the widget on the left. Today, I am going to review a bra of size 26H. This bra was not custom ordered but was just a click from a drop-down list. The lingerie range at Made in Preston is made to order so you should expect to wait up to 21 (working) days before you get that wonderful little e-mail saying they’ve dispatched your order. For reference, I ordered mine on 27th September, it was shipped on 05th November and I received it 2 days later (I chose standard delivery). When it arrived I was surprised to find that it is unpadded but I did not mind that. The wires are sturdy and the material is thin but feels solid. The bra is a full-cup style and the centre gore is rather high but the wires are close together so it works for me even though  my breasts are also close together. The cups have a flowery design that is bright and ‘hippy-like’ while the rest of the bra is black which contrasts nicely. Personally, it’s not much my style but it was the one I liked best when I first saw the lingerie range from Made in Preston. While I find most 28-bands to be fairly loose, the 26-band for this bra is quite tight for me. Currently I can only put it on the loosest hook (and rightly so) and I am slowly stretching it. Initially, there were times where I couldn’t put it on to try it because of a full stomach. The tightness still gets to me and because there’s no additional padding by the wires I get some pain on my right side with prolonged wear (I think I have a soft spot there). Thankfully, I’m in a safe position as the eyelets don’t seem to be trying desperately to escape the thread which holds them. Initially I found the fabric a bit irritating but that is not an issue anymore. Despite preferring plunge bras, I find this full-cup style to suit me because (as noted before) of the close wires. I found that I had very slight overspill on my left boob and a little gap at the bottom of that cup. While the shape is not perfect for me, I do believe that the tight band is pulling wires back a bit hence flattening the front. The wires are fairly narrow but they are certainly not the narrowest on the market! I like that the bra lifts my boobs up from the roots but feel that the profile looks a bit compressed (to me anyway). Of course, this could also be due to the tightness of the band. All in all, a fine bra that is manufactured in the UK. Hopefully, the band will loosen out (perhaps the first time I’ve thought this) in time and I’ll be able to wear it 100% comfortably. At the time of writing this, I have only worn the bra out 4 times and have hand-washed it once. I sincerely apologise for how bland this post is but I’ll try to “vamp” it up a bit next time. Perhaps, I’ll just edit this at a later time and pretend that it’s the greatest read since any page on Wikipedia.


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