Why not?

For some reason I am finding more ways to detract from my studies.
Yet, I want to do this though I’ll probably have to write a lot.

I’ve never disliked my breasts and I am happy with the size they are. As I started puberty however, I did want big boobs and was slightly disappointed to find that I was to wear a 32B (I was probably around 13 then).

This was the guide I used the first time I ever measured for my bra size:

We've all seen something like this before.
We’ve all seen something like this before.

A bit later I had outgrown my two bras and started wearing bras that were so old and faded that their sizes were indistinguishable. I suppose at that point in time I wasn’t too concerned with bras and whatnot but that changed around Year 10.

Back to the measuring guide!

This time I measured myself as 32E and I remember picking up a black bra and a green top (for nonchalance) in George and placing it on the counter to the embarrassment of myself and the male employee that the lady cashier was chatting to. It’s funny how boobs and bras can bring about such feelings. I like to think that I’m more mature now and can buy bras in the presence of others. I do have moments of paranoia however whenever I pop into Bravissimo.

About a year later, I went to get a fitting at M&S and with some tape measuring maneuvers I was declared a 30F. And then about two years after that I went to Bravissimo to get fitted and got a Shock Absorber in a 30FF.

Here is the bra sequence:
32B -> ??? -> 32E -> 30F -> 30FF -> 30G

Anyway, I found a link on a forum to the Busty Girl Comics and each day I was just aching to read the new comic. On the helpful links page there were a list of well, you know, helpful links and I found one that really stood out to me. It was a blog called Fuller Figure Fuller Bust …Oh yes.
Ms Georgina Horne’s posts are so witty and well-written they have often evoked more than just a chuckle from me.
Her figure and photo-shoots are breathtaking and certainly something to marvel at.
I tried easing off but she would pull me back in with the hilarity of her tweets…

Well where was I? Yes, I started reading a lot of other blogs and simultaneously learning more about bra fit.
While they have been very helpful, there were just some items that I couldn’t find any information (reviews) about.
Hence, I have started my own blog for the benefit of those who were in the same predicament as me.

Currently, I should expect to be wearing a 26H/28GG but have still not determined my breast shape.
Evidently I still have a lot to learn. I hope I don’t get lazy and make this the only post ever but I’ll stay optimistic.

I warn that most likely, I shall be posting sporadically but whatever I do write I hope you’ll enjoy.


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